Org is suspended with no option to add payment

Our org is suspended, but we can’t pay to unsuspend it. If you go to developer console, you can see a flag that prevents us from using credit cards. Teams are currently affected. We have sent emails to sonar support but would appreciate some help from anyone.

BTW if anyone cares about what happened here: it turns out once you use coupons we can’t switch back to using our credit cards without resetting the entire org. It took days to get a hold of somebody after emailing every known contact and the official support email. It took days to figure out what to do. It took days to get the approval from every team using our sonarcloud org to give the go ahead for resetting the org and losing scan data. So the problem is “resolved”, and we switched to sonarqube for obvious reasons. But it turns out sonarqube also has its quirks and issues. I guess I’ll find you in another forum.