OpenMP Support or better solution for OpenMP users

Hi SonarSourcers,

I want to suggest OpenMP support as a new feature and hope that I am not alone in the community who would need it…

We have been using SonarQube DE for a few months now, and after upgrading to the latest version we practically lost all the issues because the files are being ignored: Issue-OpenMP
We are trying to implement a workaround, but unfortunately we need to exclude very critical parts of our code :frowning: So you can imagine that it is not a nice feeling… :woozy_face:

Thank you for your consideration! :wink:


Hello @kornelia

Let me re-state in this thread what was explained in the thread you linked.

Before a recent change, the openmp compilation flag was simply ignored.

  • If no OpenMP directive was used, the file was analyzed normally
  • If OpenMP directives were used, parsing was degraded and the results of the analysis were as well, potentially bringing plenty of false positives and false negatives.

Lately, we just decided not to analyze any file compiled with the openmp compilation flag so that we do not deliver a poor analysis of such a file. So, our recommendations are:

  • If you do not use OpenMP, dot not add the openmp compilation flag and your file will be analyzed normally
  • If you use OpenMP, the result of the analysis is not reliable and should not be used, so we do not analyze the file.

About the feature request, we take note of your intereset.
For now, there is not much demand for it, so do not expect it to come a near future.


Hello @Geoffray,

thanks for your answer! As it turns out, our workaround did not work because of this bug: [CPP-3633] /openmp- should be supported - SonarSource

We excluded the files that use OpenMP… To be honest I missed the MINUS SIGN :frowning:
I could have reported it earlier…