Offline installation

Hello there,

I am trying to install the last version for the .net core scanner, but the thing here is that I don’t have any internet connection to do so since I am trying to install this in an isolated server. (I just can send files). Specifically when I am trying run the next command: “dotnet tool install --global dotnet-sonarscanner --version 5.8.0” I got an error because of the internet connection. I downloaded the nupkg for the dotnet-sonarscanner but seems that I cannot make any offline instalation of this packet.

What I want to achieve is to correctly install the scanner for .net core in an offline instance.

Any ideas? I saw out there that I can make an offline installation for the nupkg using visual studio so I am already working on it.

Thank you all in advance!

Hey there.

Does this answer from Microsoft help?

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