Official support of YAML in SQ 9?


@czurn suggested in a PR he did on my YAML plugin that YAML would be officially supported as a language in SQ 9.1. However I couldn’t see YAML as a language in SQ 9.1: was it postponed? When is it going to be supported? I need this information to properly handle the PR @czurn did and release the next version of my plugin for SQ 9.1.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Regards,


Hello @sbaudoin,

Thank you for raising this issue (YAML language was supposed to be added in SQ 9.1).
There has been a mixup on our side. This has just been fixed now, and the fix has been merged on our latest master. This means the language will be available starting next release, SQ 9.2, instead.
I can adapt the PR if needed.