Offensive UI/wording: radiation symbol and "smell" trigger offended denial

Situation: We truly believe that every team mate does a great job and took the right decision (including code design) with the information at hand at that particular point of time.

This being said we introduced SonarQube a few weeks ago and it (of course) starts finding “code smells” and marks them with a radiation symbol in the UI. Both trigger a feeling like “stinky” and “poisonous” work which I rate very offensive against my team mates. In consequence I rate SonarQube as an offensive tool that is incompetent of taking the project history and the context into account. And this finally lets me refuse the findings and rather oppose them than actually taking them as a good hint for improvement.

I totally confirm that this is subjective at all looking at the findings and the intention of SonarQube. I just want to mention that the wording and UI design may jeopardize the acceptance of the result and/or the whole solution depending on the culture context where it is integrated. (In other words: It hurts my feelings, if a “dull” software rates the work of my human team-mates bad, smelly, radioactive.)