Nubie: SonarQube Overview Diagram

I have used other SAST products in the past, for example, Fortify. However, I am new to SonarQube. I understand the basics (assuming all SAST are fairly similar). I have looked but cannot find one … is there documentation that outlines the components that make up the SonarQube scan environment; for example, a diagram that outlines a scanner vs. an analyzer, and the network interaction (i.e., does a scanner have to be on the same system as a analyzer … or is that even a reasonable question?)

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is it that you’re after ?

the concepts


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YES!!! Thank you!!! (if this is in a obvious place, then my apologies for having to ask).

You will get to know the places as we all did :wink:

There’s a subset of the documentation builtin, see documentation link at the footer of the Sonarqube web ui, pointing to https://yoursonarhosturl/documentation

For the big picture see
WRT to the version xxx, you should use either the LTS version, currently Sonarqube 8.9.3
see documentation for 8.9 SonarQube Documentation | SonarQube Docs
or the latest and greatest, currently Sonarqube 9.2
see documentation for latest SonarQube Documentation | SonarQube Docs

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Thanks again!