Not acces to configure (acces token) when creating a new project

In sonarCloud, we have 3 groups:

  • admin
  • maintainer
  • developer

Developer have permissions to create project.
When a devlopper add a new project, he cannot acces to “configure” and have the small tuto with the information to integrate it in our cd tool (gitlab) : the token especially

The workaround we need to use is to give him the permissions of maintainer :
differences is Administer (Quality Gates, Quality Profiles)

Hello Yannick,

Sorry for the late answer. I just investigated and I think there is indeed some issues with the permissions, I’ll investigate further to really pinpoint what this is.

In the meantime I think I have a workaround idea that might suit you better than granting the maintainer role: you can go on the permissions template page and update the default template to give the administer permission on future created projects to the developer group.

I have already tried this solution which also works but it suits me less well.

Hello Yannick,

I forgot to reply earlier, but normally the issue should be fixed.

Hello Grégoire,

Thanks, it works fine

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