Not able to see License apply option

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  • which versions are you using : Version

  • what are you trying to achieve : Recently we have purchased developer soanrqube license but we couldn’t able to see any option to apply the license on sonarqube UI.

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this : not see any relevant information yet on sonar doc.

Please help to resolve it ASAP.



Welcome to the community!

A user with global admin permissions will find that part of the UI at Administration → Configuration → License Manager.


Hi Ann,

I have log in using admin permission but still License manager option not visible.



Do you see ‘Administration’ in the top, black menu?



Yes its tr … I can see it.

Administration → Configuration →
doesn’t showing license manager option

Here’s what I see:

What do you see?


HI Ann…

License manager option not visible to me in dropdown. only General settings, encryption, webbooks portfolio is visible.

even marketplace have no option of license:

Hi @Amit_Shinde ,

you only see this field when you deploy a comercial edition of SQ. so when you just boughed the developer license you need to setup a developer edition of SQ and apply the license there. all your data is persisted in the database, so the high level workflow could look like this:

  • shutdown community edition
  • setup and configure developer edition (i think you can just use your old file)
  • start the developer edition
  • login with your admin account
  • apply the license
  • wait for all projects to be reindexed
  • your developer edition is ready to be used

hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @DefinitelyNotTobi for the solution. I am now able to apply license after upgrading to developer edition from community.

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