Not able to install sonarlint in STS

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  • SonarLint 5.0
  • Unable to read repository
  • Install SonarLint in STS

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In Spring tool suite, when i search for SonarLint , i am able to find SonarLint 5.0 version.
Upon continuing to install , it shows selected features and the after giving confirmation, i get below error .

Unable to read repository at

Please help resolving this issue.

Hello, the URL queried by STS looks weird, and indeed there is no content.xml file on the SonarLint for Eclipse update site.

Could you please check the update site URL defined for SonarLint in your settings? Under “Help” > “Install New Software…” > “Manage…”

The correct URL is which serves both compositeContent.xml and compositArtifacts.xml.