Not able to create monorepo from nodjs file

Hi all,

i have some projects into one repo in Github. Sonarcloud scans all repo without distinguish each project.
i tried to insert these commands into package.json:

“npm-sonar-scanner”: “npm i sonar-scanner --save-dev”,
“sonar-scanner”: “node_modules/sonar-scanner/bin/sonar-scanner”,
“sonar-scanner-run”: “npm run sonar-scanner”,

Pipeline automatically runs, but no changes in sonorcloud at repository level.
i can separate the two projects, one in java script and one in nodjs in order to see them into 2 different folder in sonar cloud?


Welcome to the community!

Did you import this repo as a monorepo?

The docs should help.


Hi Ann,

for the nodjs file it doesn’t function. And when you create a monorepo automatically it create a build file.
But into the repo in Github i have already a build file.

There is an other way to run the sonar scanner for nodjs files?

Thank you


Hi Simona,

The onboarding wizard generates pipeline code that isn’t meant to replace your existing pipeline, but to augment it. Can you use it for that?

The docs may help.