Not able to build PR after moving original Sonarqube (developer edition) server

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*Sonar 7.1

  • Currently we are in process of migrating our sonar (7.1 dev edition) server to K8s. After the initial configuration, we were able to run the server. after moving the server to a newer system we can see that our server is still using the license and reported running sonar dev edition, but when we try to install the branch plugin (for processing PR), it’s not showing the option to install the plugin (along with license plugin) and stating Available under our commercial editions. because of this, all of our PR related jobs are breaking.

Hi @manvendra-singh0x7cd,

Just a quick question, did your ServerID (into Administration/System of SQ) change with this migration?
If yes, you should contact and ask your sales rep to give you the right license key for your new platform.

And that being said, I would encourage you to migrate from 7.1 to 7.9 LTS which is the current Long-Term-Support version of SonarQube including a lot of new amazing things (rules, languages, PR Decoration, Security features…)


Thanks for reply @Carine_Bayon , No I am still using the same underlying database and my Server ID is not changed.