Nonodeavailableexception: None of the configured Nodes are avalable :

Am trying to setup sonarqube v8.5.0.37579 with distributed system setup (1 node Postgres, 2 node sonarqube, 3 node elasticsearch).
able to install the Elasticsearch and postgress SQL sucessfully. unable to install sonarqube as its showing error "Nonodeavailableexception: None of the configured Nodes are avalable : ".
as apart of trubleshooting am able to check the connectivity between sonarqube master node to worker node and sonarqube to all 3 elastic search also (able to curl from sonarqube to elasticsearch).
below is the error snapshot.


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If you’re trying to configure Data Center Edition($$$) then you have access to our professional support team and should consult them. If you’re not using Data Center Edition, then your multi-node approach is simply not supported.