None of my projects load for the last couple days. Is something going on?

When I click on my projects to view the analysis I just get the spinning wheel forever. What’s up?


Any errors in your browser console?


A bunch of warnings like this but nothing otherwise


403 is forbidden. I’m wondering if something’s gone sideways with your session. Could you maybe log out & back in and see if you still have the error?


Sadly same result. No luck with incognito either.


Thanks for checking. I’m going to flag this for team attention.


@alex.denton.utr Thanks for reporting the issue.

The 403s that you see on the console are expected. These are on the map files of Javascript and won’t be affecting the application in any way. Do you see any other errors apart from such warnings on the console? Or do you see any API requests in the network tab that seem to error out or not fulfilling?

Not really. There’s this but I doubt it’s the cause:

I just found this but I’m running the latest chrome:

Hopefully a red herring?

Even these look ok to me. Can you inspect the API calls and check if there’s anything wrong there (calls have this starting URL If anyone of them is returning error response. If you still don’t see anything I will reach out privately to get more details

No API errors

We debugged this issue on a private thread and the issue was because of a VPN client in the user’s machine.

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