No option to install AAD in market place 8.9.6 LTS

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  • 8.9.6 LTS
  • install plugin AAD
    We do not see the option to install Azure Active Directory or any other plug in install option. we are trying to configure AAD authentication

Thank you

we have LDAP setup , we are trying to configure saml now. We will be disabling LDAP and enable the SAML to test. But what if that fails and we lost LDAP access? how do we switch back to LDAP in case of any failure implementing SAML.

Just checked that we need to install manually. thanks . Please advise on second query


Believe it or not, there’s a lot of anonymous traffic to this community from people just getting answers to already-asked questions. That’s one (but not the only) reason we try to keep it to one question per thread. Since your second question is entirely unrelated to the topic title, please create a new thread for it.

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