newCode.referenceBranch to be used with git tag

I’ve a question regarding usage of sonar-scanner (sonar-scanner-cli- with SonarQube Enterprise Edition 10.1.

We are using flag


In order to have valid comparison of new code with a branch which was already scanned.
Problem is that this flag is looking for specified branch in SCM, and it’s doing it only for branches →

00:13:46 WARN: Could not find ref ‘smf-’ in refs/heads, refs/remotes, refs/remotes/upstream or refs/remotes/origin

and in our project we are mostly working with tags →

git ls-remote | grep
3456783b7ed47dd1f9ce2d9c8823eaded436d8a7 **refs/tags/**smf-

Do You know if there is some way to “force” above flag to look for specified value also under “refs/tags” ?

Of course above tag (smf- is already scanned in my project but still comparison can’t be done cause it can be find by sonar-scanner in SCM…


Sorry, but there’s no way to make it look for tags.