New setup - Admin sees nothing - Developer sees details

Hi, new SonarCloud user here. Why am I unable to see project details when a sub-user sees everything?

.NET web app split into 2 projects within SonarCloud. The app is hosted in Azure and utilizes Azure DevOps.

For SonarCloud, my developer created a GitHub account and I gave him access to my 2 SonarCloud projects.

He set up SonarCloud and configured analysis, and has shown me screenshots of the results.

But If I log in as me, the owner of the SonarCloud account, I see the 2 projects, but just a link to ‘configure analysis’,

What am I missing here? Why am I unable to see the code he has pushed from CI/CD for analysis under my account?

It sounds like your developer may have triggered a Branch/PR analysis but not a main branch analysis (yet).

Do you see anything under Branches or Pull Requests?

No, values shows are 0.