New project autoscan failed: ID: "bd88b4c1-fa84-4bc6-ab6d-7f737c2fc4d6"

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  • ALM used: GitHub Enterprise with organization integration
  • Steps to reproduce
    Select “Analyze new project”, navigate to GitHub repo, click “add”

I have done six today from the same account and five worked flawlessly (very awesome functionality).

Only one failed and there is no detail except for the above ID.

Hi @ron.teeter and welcome to the community forum!

I was able to investigate details of the analysis failure. Unfortunately, the reason for failure is not clear.
I will share with you privately some details in case it may help avoiding or reproducing.

Thanks for the response.

Would appreciate any guidance that you can give. I have tried multiple times already.

I will next try deleting the project and try again to see if it’s reproducable.