[NEW PLUGIN] mathan-dependency-updates-sonar-plugin 7.9

The first release of the mathan-dependency-updates-sonar-plugin generating issues and metrics for pending dependency updates. The updates are reported by maven-versions-plugin. Metrics are telling you:

  • number of dependencies to patch (incremental updates)
  • number of dependencies to upgrade (minor/major updates)
  • number of patch releases missed
  • number of upgrade releases missed
  • patch maintenance rating
  • upgrade maintenance rating

The plugin also offers configuration options for:

  • whitelist/blacklist by artifact pattern
  • overriding of reported severity (based on artifact pattern)
  • exclusion of alpha, beta, milestone, RC releases (by regex)

Plugin is available on github and in maven central:



Welcome to the community and congrats on your plugin!

To be clear, are you asking for Marketplace inclusion?