New Custom Rule C# not working

SonarQube : Version 7.6
I created custom rule it’s working in Visual studio :

I imported jar in SonarQube for this rule :

but When I started analyse SonarQube with Jenkins this warning not appear in the result of scan


Hi @ykerkeni

Do you have the custom analyzer DLL configured in the project that is built? Is the DLL physically present on the build machine? Can you see outputs of your analyzers during the build logs?

Hello @Andrei_Epure,
I have the same problem :
SQ Version : Version 7.6 (build 21501)
SQ Scanner for MSBuild :
log : logjenkins.txt (426.4 KB)
Custom Rule : lazytrueanalyzer

Hello @Andrei_Epure,

Thanks for your response. I founded the problem.
My problem is resolved


thanks for the reply @ykerkeni

do you want to share the problem and the solution with the community?


The problem after SonarScaner downloading from
the zip not contains the .DLL file custom rule


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