Need to analyse DOS batch files

I am a new user of Sonarqube, tasked with uploading source from legacy, but current, software solutions.

I have loaded PL/SQL using Scanner for Windows, however our application has an internally developed task scheduling utility which constitutes almost half of the solution.

This is used for things like file transfers, batched updates, extracts, etc.

Each job is a text file of actions. A lot of those call DOS batch files and I need to scan those. These are not Powershell scripts.

Please can anyone tell me how I can get these .bat files into Sonarqube? I have looked on Google and drawn a blank.


Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, we don’t analyze DOS, and I’m not aware of any community plugins to support that, either.


Well there are various words that come to mind, poor being the politest I will use here. Basically that makes SQ not fit for purpose.