Need severity and type information when list all rules In SonarLint for VS code

In VSCODE, there is no icon for rule view.
But in JetBrains plugin there are icon.
I think we should add severity filed and type field to the class Rule.
So we can using it to show the fit icon of Rule.

Hello @kuafuwang and welcome to the SonarSource community!
Today we show the issue type and severity icons in IntelliJ like that:

whereas, as you point out we do not do the same in VSCode, and at the same time the context is a little different:

  • in IntelliJ, the rule list is in a dedicated configuration window, whereas in VSCode it is a SonarLint panel “SonarLint Rules” visible from the main IDE screen, so we try to keep it minimalistic
  • in VSCode, as soon as you select a rule from the list, you will have the type and severity icons displayed for that rule in the dedicated panel:

Could you detail what benefit are you expecting from displaying those icons directly in the “SonarLint Rule” list for each rule, compared to having those icons displayed when you select a rule (current behaviour)?

There are so many rules in the rule view. I want to know which rule is major from the icon immediate. Without the icon , i have to select it to check . It’s a bit complicated.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. And for information, are you facing this difficulty because you need to activate/deactivate certain rules because the default setting does not fit your needs, or are you simply using the list to explore/browse the available rules?

I am new to Sonarlint. I just simply using the list to explore/browse the available rules.

Thanks for the info @kuafuwang. I feel this is not a blocker for SonarLint, and still it could be a nice improvement. We will take your suggestion into account, with no ETA for now.