Need help with API formation

I am doing an api call for fetching issues in sonarqube. I want the api to fetch both branch issues and pull request issues in format like below. But this isn’t working and PR issues are not getting fetched.
Could someone help me with this? I want to include or condition to check whether branch is master or pull request is 47507 and severity type to be major.

url/api/issues/search?pageSize=500&componentKeys=projectkey& branch=master&pullRequest=47507&severities=MAJOR

You can pull the issues for one branch or one pull request at a time.

Stated another way, only one instance of the branch parameter and the pullRequest parameter can be included in an API call.


Is it possible to fetch issues for multiple PR’s in single api call???


It’s not.


Is it possible to fetch issues from both the branch as well as PR in the same api call?

It is not. One branch, or one PR, at a time :slight_smile:


Is there a way I can can get both unresolved issues and &resolutions=FALSE-POSITIVE,WONTFIX,REMOVED cases in same api?

As I can see when am giving resolutions=FALSE then other cases like POSITIVE,WONTFIX,REMOVED are not getting fetched through the api

this url case is not working: “url/api/issues/search?pageSize=500&componentKeys=”+ProjectName+"&branch="+Branch+"&resolved=false,&resolutions=FALSE-POSITIVE,WONTFIX,REMOVED

You will need to make separate API calls. Each parameter you add further narrows the scope of issues being returned, not widens.

could you help with this query?