"mvn clean verify" command fails with "java.lang.AssertionError"

I am trying to integrate sonar report manually by using “mvn clean verify” command but the build is failing with below error:

org.eclipse.hawkbit.repository.jpa.tenancy.MultiTenancyEntityTest.queryTargetFromDifferentTenantIsNotVisible – Time elapsed: 0.821 s <<< FAILURE!
Expected size: 1 but was: 2 in:
Page 1 of 1 containing org.eclipse.hawkbit.repository.jpa.model.JpaTarget instances

The SonarQube version installed is Version 9.9, Please can you help understand the issue & provide guidance for it’s resolution?
Please let me know if any additional details are required.
Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

It doesn’t seem like this issue has anything to do with SonarQube. You’ll need a working Maven build – but… it’s a Maven project, you’ll need one whether or not you’re integrating SonarQube!

How is the project being (successfully) built by you or others today?