Multiple issues detected , mainly on search bar

  1. The search field is not working: This issue is still reproducible, we are still unable to search for specific branches, and we get the same console errors when trying to make a search.

  1. We still can’t find older branches from previous releases by directly typing the name of the branch in the URL. E.g.

  2. Filtering is not working:

  3. When filtering by date, we no longer see old issues that do not correspond with the date selected. This seems to be working as expected now.

  4. Old issues are being flagged as newly introduced in the Master branch:

  5. We noticed a new issue. Take a look at 187 new issues are being flagged on master, however, some of these are old issues introduced 1 or more years ago.

Open image-20240321-144513.png


  1. Other older issues like for example, are flagged as introduced 1 month ago, even though the commit date is from Jan 23, 2018.

We appreciate your help in investigating these problems, as at the moment, we don’t have a reliable way of verifying our code issues in SonarQube.


Hey there.

A good place to start would be some basic information – like what version of SonarQube are you using?