Monorepos and GitHub Status Checks

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When I create a new monorepo project and send up analysis/coverage to it, it works fine. But the problem is that the status check name is unique to the project (ie. [project_name] SonarCloud Analysis).

Due to this, I can’t make this a required check on my monorepo. If I do and someone makes a change to a different service, the analysis on project_name never happens so the check never comes in.

Is there a way to set the status check name to something generic?

Hey there.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as making something generic. Because if you change multiple services in the context of a single pull request, then you would only be able to guarantee that the last status check received has any impact on whether or not you can merge.

There have been discussions on GitHub about some notion of “Conditional” status checks (based on what changed)… but I don’t think users have come to a super satisfying conclusion (only hacks) Github actions and required checks in a monorepo (using paths to limit execution) · Discussion #26251 · community · GitHub