Modify Regular Expression of Rules

How can I change the regular expression for field names in rules in SonarCloud?

Error Message: Rename this field “m_xxx” to match the regular expression …

I searched how to customize the rules, but did not find anything.

Here’s one way to do it:

  1. Go to the organization’s page where you want to customize the rule
  2. Go to the Quality Profiles tab
  3. Click on the non-built-in quality profile you want to modify, and then click Activate More
  4. Find the rule to customize. I suppose in your example it’s Field names should comply with a naming convention, which you can find by searching for “field names”
  5. Customize the parameter

I hope this helps.

Thanks Janos,
I think I found the rule: Field names should comply with a naming convention
As this is part of the Build-in, it seems I have to copy the profile and set it as the default.