Mixed changesets from different branches. Main branch not synced with Azure DevOps default branch

Let’s discuss what you have in mind!

A few questions to help you:

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
    We have a project with parallel development on release/* branches and after each iteration, the default branch on Azure DevOps is updated (e.g. release/24.3 → release/25.0).
  • Why does this matter to you? After the update of the default branch in Azure DevOps, the changesets are mixed in Sonar Cloud, not concised within its branch, but placed onto another. This is serious bug. We have no better approach of managing branches as there is a support for several year on all release branches and the architectonical decision has been made and whole team already accomodated to this method.
  • How would that look in SonarCloud? Alternatives? Main Branch is synced with Azure DevOps, simple. Changesets are not mixed in different branches.
  • How would we know it works well? You have an intergration with Azure, you can check the default branch anytime.
  • Why should it be a priority now?
    We have no other way to update the main branch than to delete the existing main branch and let the Sonar Cloud identify the new default branch. This is not acceptable as we are loosing analysis data on deleted branch. Why is the sonar cloud not checking the default branch and when it changes, it does update it accordingly. This is a blocker for us. Please deal with this request with a high priority on development side of your product. What’s more important is the mixing of changesets in different branches, this is a serious blocker. Also interestingly, we have bought a product, however does not have access to your support.

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