Missing protobuf project pages after Postgres upgrade

Sonarqube 9.9.3 developer edition, deployed with Helm. Maven plugin 3.9
After the upgrade of Postgres from 11.17 to 15.4 (on-fly), the analysis fails on loading project repositories because protobuf pages are not accessible:

Fail to request url: https://<my-sonar-url>/batch/project.protobuf?key=<my-project-key>&branch=master: timeout

curl for this URL returns 401, however, the project page in UI looks OK

What I tried:

  • deleting /data/es# folder - this forces reindexing, and reindexing looks ok in log nad UI, but the pages still are not accessible
  • updating maven plugin to 3.10
  • sonar.log looks ok, no errors, Process[ce] is up, SonarQube is operational

oh i forgot to REINDEX DATABASE
Solved though, but writing this ticket helped me to uncover the issue)

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