Missing Owner for Organization


I registered a new Organization with Github, Sonarcloud found the projects in the github-org and imported them, but I was not given the owner-role of the SC-org. I tried deleting the App in Github and reimporting. On the newly created Org I have the owner Role.
I now have two orgs on SC:
One with my projects which I can’t administer or delete, since I am not the Owner
-> https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/smallbusinesshero/projects
The other where I have Administration Rights, but cannot Import my Projects, bc they are in the other Org
-> https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/smallbusinesshero1/projects

How can I fix this?

Hi @yaro24,
It looks like someone else created the smallbusinesshero organization before you did. That’s why you are not entitled to it. I would suggest you ask around in your team who did it, and grants you the necessary permissions!

I did create the organization but it was in fact someone else who was assigned the owner-role