Missing menu "general settings"

(Lukas Pagel) #1

I’m following the documentation to decorate my azure devOps pull requests by sonarCloud. Unfortunately I cannot find the the menu administrative > general setting to add the needed tokens.
I really feel like I’m blind!

Can someone help me out?

Thanks a lot

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(Colin Mueller) #2

Hey Lukas,

Checkout the project level Administration tab (as opposed to your whole organization), I think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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(Lukas Pagel) #3

I would love to do so!
This is weird, right?

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(Colin Mueller) #4

Hm. Let’s try and sort that out – when you go to the org level Administration > Projects Management and click on the menu next to the project, do you see Restore Access? Clicking this will guide you in restoring Administer permissions on the project.

Perhaps permissions were mistakenly removed from the project, or you aren’t considered in the permission template that was applied to this project.

(Lukas Pagel) #5

Great. This solved my issue. Thanks a lot!

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