Migration of sonar v2.1 on server A to sonar 9.2 on server B

Hi ,
i have to migrate my sonar 2.1 on server A to a new version 9.2 on another server B
Is there any steps to follow ??


Hey there.

SonarQube v2.1 was released in May 2010 (almost 12 years ago).

It’s a very noble effort to try and upgrade to the latest version of SonarQube (now v9.3) but doing so is going to be extremely tedious and painful. SonarQube in 2022 is unrecognizable compared to 2010. Even if you managed to achieve 7 major version upgrades, there will be no meaningful continuity in analysis results. Sonar v1.0 was released only 2.5 years before your current version.

If the analysis history is important to you – by all means archive it. But I highly recommend starting from scratch on a new server.

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