Migration from LTS 7.9 to 8.2

Hi everyone,

I would like to upgrade to SQ Server Community edition 8.2

We are using SQ Server Community edition LTS 7.9 (i think that was at that time advertised as the first 7-LTS, then came the 7.9.1 with fixes for MSSQL and now i see a LTS 7.9.2 (and inside JIRA the tag for 7.9.3 also )

On the very fine rather new Page that explains the LTSes a lot better it states:

What if I’m on a version older than the current LTS?

You should upgrade to at least the current LTS at your earliest convenience. […]

My questions now would be: With a currently in use LTS 7.9
a) do i need to upgrade to LTS 7.9.2 before upgrading to 8.2? (i’d assume “yes”)
b) do i also need to upgrade to LTS 7.9.1 before upgrading to LTS 7.9.2? (i’d assume “no”)
c) do i need to apply 8.0 / 8.1 / 8.2 upgrades separately? (i’d assume “no”)
d) after upgrading to LTS 7.9.2 can i directly upgrade to 8.2 ? (i’d assume “yes”)


I think the Upgrade Guide might help you out here

Upgrading across multiple, non-LTS versions is handled automatically. However, if you have an LTS version in your migration path, you must first migrate to this LTS and then migrate to your target version.

Example 1 : 5.1 -> 7.0, migration path is 5.1 -> 5.6.7 LTS -> 6.7.x LTS -> 7.0 Example 2 : 6.2 -> 6.7, migration path is 6.2 -> 6.7.x LTS (where x is the latest patch available for 6.7 - you don’t need to install all the intermediary patches, just take the latest)

So you can jump directly from 7.9.0/7.9.1/7.9.2 to 8.2!

thanks again Colin,

i now already marked that as an answer (before i had the chance to try it out) … so i will now press a thumb that it really works and keep the backup ready :smiley:

I understand that my situation might be - again - a rather special one … but the “easy solution” was not - at least for me - comprehensible from that description. I read it before, but discarded it as “does not describe my case” because of the

“You should upgrade to at least the current LTS”

which i assumed to be 7.9.2.

Thank you for clearing that (hopefully) up! :slight_smile: