Migrating sonarqube instance from RHEL6 to RHEL8 server

We are hving sonarqube 8.9.6 community edition which is currently hosted in rhel6 server.

We are planning to migrate this sonarqube instance form rhel6 to rhel8 server.

Can anyone please help me with steps or important point that should be taken care bfore, during and after migration.

Also i would want to know if 8,9,6 is supported by rhel8 server.

Also please mention the docs links or articles which provides information on migration.


Hi Saad,

There’s nothing special to do here. Simply install SonarQube 8.9.10 on the new server, configure it to point to your DB, shut down the old instance and spin up the new one.

It’s going to be just like an upgrade except there won’t be a DB migration step since you’re not changing versions (point/fix versions don’t count).