Migrating from one organization to another


We have been using Sonarcloud for a while now, with 50+ projects in our organization. The problem now is that we want to migrate most, if not all, these projects to another organization.
As far as we could see, the only way is to:

  • Delete project in former organization
  • Change build pipeline properties to use the new organization
  • Run a main branch build so the project shows up
  • Run a build of all other branches if necessary (at least ‘develop’-branch)

And this for each project. I sincerely hope there is a faster way, but I couldn’t find it in the docs.
Anyone knows how to shed some light on a simpler process? Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

At this time, this is the only method to move projects from one organization to another after they’ve been moved on the DevOps platform side.

You can vote for adding this feature here.