Migrating data from one tenant to another

How do I migrate findings and their comments from one tenant to another on SonarCloud?

Hi @sanjayn.thacker , welcome to our Community!

If i understood correctly, you want to migrate issues with comments from one organization to another? Or from one project to another? Unfortunately, both are not possible. Could you please tell me more details about your use-case? Thanks.

@Alexandre_Holzhey thank you for responding.
We were using SonarCloud under an individual tenant account. We have now moved to an Enterprise tenant account and would like to move our stuff from the individual to the Enterprise tenant account. Hope that makes sense. Is there any way we could do that? Thanks.

@sanjayn.thacker thank you for providing more information. Unfortunately we don’t support moving data between organization/tenant.

@Alexandre_Holzhey thank you for that clarification.