Migrating a sonarcloud project into an organization


we used to use https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard/?id=simgrid as a project URL, but we decided to open an organization called SimGrid to host all our code. Now, we are pushing our analysis into https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=simgrid_simgrid

Would it be possible to migrate all the comments (wontfix, false positive, etc) to the new location? It seems that we have about 600 of them, according to the figures in each project…

Oh, and by the way, you may want to migrate the thingy on your main page, too. This thing make us so proud… you have no idea of how happy we are to have this badge :wink:

Thanks in advance,

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Hey @mquinson, long time no see! Happy to see you on this community :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a way to migrate the comments automatically. :confused:

Yes, definitely, we’ll update this page, thanks for the notification. I’m happy that it makes you proud and happy - you’re one of our first early adopters after all! :smiley:

And the page is updated @mquinson!

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