Mentioning users does not work

I went through the tutorial and unfortunately one step does not work. I tried many times to mention @discobot user, but always got the same result:

I found that other users also cannot mention other people. @axel3rd mentioned @Edwin in his post, but he didn’t earn First Mention badge - it means that mentioning users does not work at all.



It looks like a configuration problem.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for raising this. I can confirm that user mentions are disabled on this forum. Didn’t anticipe how that would affect the Discobot tutorial though.

As told by discobot you can skip this step explicitly, and in the meantime I’ll raise this behavior with the Discourse folks in case of guidance from their end.

@Nico (still trying!), another side effect of disabling the user mentions is that we are then not able to trigger the advanced feature tutorial. That’s quite sad. :cry:

Would it be possible to maybe only disable mentions for certain users, or maybe privilege-based ? (devs for instance?)
Maybe at some point we will have dedicated moderators from the community, which may appreciate to be able to use mentions.

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Hello @NicoB and @Michael,
I have the Member trust level right now and I can use mentioning :smiley:


Hey Adam,

Well, to be fair, it’s not really related to the trust level. :stuck_out_tongue: We’ve re-enabled User Mentions a few days ago, and are going to gradually give it a spin (hence we didn’t announce it too widely). It goes without saying that we expect users to use it wisely, only in the specific cases where it helps structuring a post (and not just to attract attention here or there).

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