Mathan Dependency-Check Plugin


Why i cant see the results of this plugin on my dashboard?

I got a Java profile with all the rules activated, also i activated the plugins rules in the mathan profile, which also set as default, but somehow it was never used.

I set up the path for the needed HTML file just right, i even see in the maven output the upload was done.



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You don’t list your version of SonarQube, so I’ll assume a modern one with a fixed homepage - on which you’ll see a pre-selected set of the most important metrics.

TBH, I don’t know what the Mathan Dependency-Check plugin is (did you mean Maven Dependency Check?), nor the “mathan profile”.

What I can say is that one profile per language will be used in an analysis. You can explicitly associate your project to a non-default profile, or set your custom profile as the default to have it applied.