Mark project with community edition licence?


In my company we are using Sonar community edition since severals year and it’s really usefull.
Since few months we have activated multibranches on few projects so we had to switch to developer édition with 1M lines licence.
But after few days the licence reaches the limits, even if a lots of projects are not using mutibranches features.

My question is : is it possible to mark some projects as single branch to be treated like if we where using community edition for them and keep developer licence for project requiring it ?
Or is the only way to achieve this is to install 2 SonarQube servers with 2 differents licences ?

Thanks for reading

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Welcome to the community!

You should start by reviewing your Projects page. At a guess, you’re (still?) analyzing project branches as separate projects rather than as branches of the main project.

I.e. instead of showing up as entries here:

They’re showing up as entries here:

Does that make sense? Does that sound right?

Sorry, that’s just not how it works. The instance is Developer Edition and the largest PR/branch of each project counts toward the license.


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Thx for your answer, It seems our projects are well configured, we are going to require a bigger licence soon.

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