Many inserts and deletes into live_measures table

Edition Developer
Lines of Code 4969090
Docker No
High Availability No
Official Distribution Yes
Force authentication Yes
Home Dir /data/sonarqube-9.9.1-developer
Data Dir /data/sonarqube-9.9.1-developer/data
Temp Dir /data/sonarqube-9.9.1-developer/temp
Processors 4


Database Oracle
Database Version Oracle Database 19c Standard Edition 2 Release - Production Version
Driver Oracle JDBC driver
Driver Version
Default transaction isolation TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED

IT managing SonarQube and its DB is using archive logging so we can do a point in time restore. This week the DB ran quickly out of disk space because the archive logs grew fast.
Investigation of the DB transactions showed alot of inserts and deletes in the live_measures table.
In about 2 hours 20 minutes, there are over 1.2 million writes in this table.


  • Are there config settings to reduce the number of insert/deletes in the live_measures table?
  • Are you considering code optimizations in future Sonar versions?
  • Can you explain what the purpose is of this table? What common actions generate writes in this table?

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This is a very busy table – it contains an entry for every measure of every component (each file of each branch of each project, etc.).

For a busy SonarQube server processing analyses, that is a lot of writes!

We would like to improve things with this table in the future (there’s an open ticket here: [SONAR-14615] - Jira)

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