Manually Upload CodeCoverage Report

Hi Team,
Our python code cannot currently be configured for testing in the Jenkins pipeline due to its’ functionality.

The high-level summary of our code is to use NTLM passthrough for user authentication and send REST API requests to another application.

Due to the interconnected nature of the code, it requires a specific server connection, to a specific test environment, with specific credentials.

This makes it difficult for our module to pass the SonarQube scan as it will always show a 0% test coverage unless a report is manually uploaded.

Are there any user options available to upload the code coverage report onto SonarQube for modules which can only be tested in specific conditions? Something like access to the SonarQube server to drop off code coverage report or button to upload the report would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Sherry.

It is not possible to upload the coverage report asynchronously – the coverage results must be available to send along with the scan results when the scanner is invoked. If this is absolutely not possible, you may want to remove coverage conditions from your Quality Gate or set sonar.coverage.exclusions=**/* to avoid coverage calculation on all files.