Make "Update All Project Bindings" more accessible


in our team we do setup our Eclipse development IDE by Eclipse Oomph which also automatically installs and configures SonarLint.

But since there is no way to trigger “Update All Project Bindings” automatically it often happens that the rules and configuration of team members are out of date or not set at all.
That leads to no or less SonarLint hints while coding in the IDE which in turn leads to only seeing Issues on Merge Requests and then causes another round of commit and rebuilding a merge request.

Eclipse Oomph is able to run commands on Eclipse startup. I looked at the source code of the SonarLint plugin but sadly the ConnectionUpdateAction is a programmatic action and not an eclipse command (plugin.xml).

Would it either be possible to provide a Eclipse command to trigger the Bindings Update or a preference to configure an storage update on every Eclipse Startup?

I could provide a Pull Request if it would be considered.

Thank you.

Bye Peter

Hello @junge_alter,

Thanks for raising this. I think it makes sense and I created this ticket with more details.

We will discuss with the team on the way to proceed and the best solution. Please note that we have low bandwidth to take care of SonarLint Eclipse at the moment, so I don’t think we will work on that ourselves soon. I will get back to you.

Thanks for using SonarLint!