Maintenance mode option

It would be very nice to have the option to place SonarQube in maintenance mode.
I know there is a mainenance mode implemented, but you see this only when there is forinstance an update or a change of the database.
I would like to have this feature through the gui or api call.


Would you mind sharing your use case?


Hello Ann,

It is not easy to explain. I’ll try

I am changing to a new version of the database.
I have allready had an upgrade of Sonarqube to the latest version. ( test environment )
Now I want to upgrade the postgres database version.
During the migration of the data I want to have people to see that SonarQube is in maintenance mode.
We have SonarQube running in docker within a cubernates cluster with automatic restart options. So it is not easy to temporarely stop / shutdown the instance.
When the data is migrated I have to redirect the alias of the database and restart the instance.


Hi Bert,

If I understand correctly, this is what you’re looking for (or close to it):

MMF-2017 - Keep scanner availability during SonarQube DCE upgrade

To be clear,

  • The fix version on this ticket is currently wrong and should be ignored
  • this will more than likely be released as a commercial feature.

If I’ve misunderstood the request, please do tell me.



I believe what he’s looking for is a way to keep end-users out while performing maintenance tasks that could affect how the data is displayed. Shutting down Sonarqube or it’s server is apparently not an option. An administrative option for “Maintenance mode” that would prevent logins by all by Admin users would keep Sonarqube available but limit the users to prevent problems. I would use this option if it were available.

Thanks Richard for your clear addition to my request.That is the one I am looking for.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the response. Could you help me understand what maintenance tasks fall into this category other than a version upgrade? Sorry to be dense, but nothing is springing to mind for me.