Main branch on large repository showing no code using Github Automatic Analysis

This repo has 200k+ lines which might be contributing to the problem. I originally got memory errors, but upped our number of lines.

  • ALM used: Github
  • Automatic analysis
  • Languages: Javascript and Typescript
  • Private repo
  • No error on runs
    The PRs are being scanned and the other smaller repos are functioning just fine.

We had a similar problem due to the lines being more than what our account was budgeted for. I found the best way to find out why the Analysis wasn’t working was in the Background Task section in which you can see the error details. Monitoring this page as new code changes come in should give insight into the “why” of your problem.

They are all showing successes, which is why I am confused. There are no errors to be seen

The repository was too large so we had to add the sonar scan to the build process. Now everything is showing up properly

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