Main branch in project ' ' Not found

SonarQube project had issue with loading ‘page can not be loaded’ initially.
After going through lot of issues , they suggested to remove project_branch record where sync_issue is true and had that deleted.
Now it shows below error. No issues are being loaded


DevOps pipeline is also failing with below error

We are using " * Community Edition

  • Version 8.9.2"
    Hosted on Azure Docker container


Your log indicates a 500 error on analysis report upload. Can you check your server logs to see what went wrong server-side?


Where can I see these logs?
It is hosted on azure app service container.


It looks like this is just a hosted Docker instance? If so, there should be a logs volume somewhere. (The docs I’m looking at.). So I’d start there.


I have not created volumes, could that be the reason?
what If I am not able to get the logs… anyway I can know what is it about?

I am getting the below error on web page

I am not seeing any project branches in DB also

Could this be reason?

is there any way I can insert data or have it setup from the beginning?


We’re not going to figure out any errors (web page or analysis) until you find your server logs. It’s difficult for me to tell you where to look, but I don’t think SonarQube would have started up without being able to write them somewhere.