Lost Credentials

Hello, I need to access my account to replace my creditcard number but I can’t access, I think I replaced my Azure DevOps account. Can you help me to solve this issue?

Hi @Milton_Camara,

We have no access to your Azure DevOps accout, you should contact the administrator of your tenant to restore your password.

Julien Lancelot

@julienlancelot I’m administrator of my tenant… What I need to do to restore my account?

Ok, then I’m not sure to have understood your issue :frowning:.

Do you mean that the account you were using to authenticate on SonarCloud doesn’t exist anymore ?

Exactly, I changed my tenant from azure devops and I am no longer able to enter the sonar cloud, I need to change my credit card data, and configure my projects. The only thing I have is the login key to do the build.

Hey Milton, can you contact us on https://sonarcloud.io/about/contact for a confidential request. We’ll keep on discussing there so that you can share some details with us. Thanks!