Looking for info about features in SonarQube version being upgraded to

Inside our org, the people who maintain our SonarQube instance are going to be upgrading it from version 8.9.7 to version 9.7 (starting in about 4 hours). As this is a major version change, I need to understand the changes that are coming. Unfortunately, all they have published is a short list of short phrases describing the new features.

Among others, they mentioned these:

  • Built-in Cobertura and Jacoco report processing.
  • DevOps CI/CD Integration: GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps.

I really need to understand the Jacoco and BitBucket changes. We already have builds that send the jacoco results to SonarQube, and that works perfectly fine. Does the new version require this to be done differently, or is it just optional? Similarly, I need to understand what has changed with the BitBucket integration. We already use a “Sonar” plugin in our BitBucket repositories, to integrate information about scan results into our pull request views. Will the new version require this to be done differently?

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Thanks for sharing this thread here. I would like to know more about it. Carry on!