Looking for a specific Rule in SQ 9.9.1 that is in SQ 7.6

I have two different SonarQube servers that are two different versions. One that is 9.9.1 and one that is 7.6. I have a user who is needing very specific Rule sets within their Quality Profile. The ones they need specifically is:
Dead stores should be removed
Jump statements should not be used unconditionally
The name “main” should not be used for any function other than the global “main” function

In my 7.6 server, I see the rules and in my 9.9.1 server I do not.

I am trying to see how I can add these rules within my 9.X server.

Hey there.

What language are you interested in?

All the rules you listed, for example, are available for C++, although the names may have changed slightly.




Thanks for reaching out! This would be for java, c, and c++.

From what you mentioned, would it be different in naming due to the version of SQ? If this is true, from the 3 rules I listed, what would they roll over to on SQ 9.X?

It has been over 5 years since SonarQube v7.6 came out. We update names, make things more clear, etc…

In any case, if you upgrade step by step, the rules should still be found in any quality profiles they’ve been added to.

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I see. That makes sense. This server was built rather than upgraded so I assume they are using the new naming convention. Thanks for the information I greatly appreciate your help!

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