Long running analysis with .Net and Github Actions

I’ve setup a couple of projects following this documentation GitHub Integration | SonarQube Docs

Both are .net, one very very small which has no issues and the other a larger but not a massive solution (normal build time less than a minute). The GitHub action script for the larger one ran for 6 hours and them timed out.

Now I’m not sure how I would go about fixing it. Where would I find logs? Or what else should I be looking at?

Hi @Tim_Griffiths,

Thanks for letting us know. Normally for analyzing performance problems, the build binary log file can help us a lot to understand the problem but in this case, if the build times out I’m afraid it can get corrupted.

Could you please tell us:

  • what is the version of the analyzer being used (or the SonarQube version)
  • what version of MsBuild are you using?
  • what is the version of the scanner?
  • does your solution has any generated code? (e.g. entity framework migration files)

Also, could you please run the build with the following parameters and share the logs?

MsBuild.exe /t:Rebuild /p:reportanalyzer=true /v:d


dotnet build -p:reportanalyzer=true -v:diag

and share the logs with us?

We also have a guide about investigating the performance of our analysis.


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