Long live branch first scan is taking long time

Hi All,

We are using
Sonarqube 7.9 Enterprise edition
Azure DevOps Sonarscan task v4
Our branch names are

above mentioned branch naming convention is long live branches, Challenge is first time scan for any long live branch takes long time (generally x3 time as compare to a normal scan for that application) And we have a defined policy around build timeouts hence first build for a realease branch (Long live branch) gets timeout.

Is that expected ?
Any solution for this ?

Thanks in advance for all help.

Kind regards,
Ankit Gupta.


Which build technology are you using ? MSBuild, Maven/Gradle, Standalone scanner ?

We’ll definitely need logs, for that, can you please provide the “Run Code Analysis” task log in case of MSBuild or standalone, or maven/gradle if so, in debug mode, for both the first analysis and second that takes less time please ?

I can DM you if you need.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for response Mickael

We are facing this issue with Maven builds, MSBuild and also with standalone builds. We use Azure devops tasks .

Please feel free to mail me at ankit.gupta@spark.co.nz So that I can provide you all logs as well.

Thanks and regards,